When faced with a crisis, Global Guardian takes pride in its response. Successfully supporting our clients and their people, no matter the situation, is at the core of our mission.

Consistent global disruption is no longer an abstract concept, it is a reality and the next disruption is around the corner—is your team prepared? Global Guardian supports in places and times of crisis when other providers can't or won't. From natural disasters and terrorist attacks to financial assistance and emergency response to COVID-19 support, below are a few instances where our teams have provided effective solutions and world-class service in the greatest time of need.

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Provided Life-Saving Support on the Ground in India during COVID-19 Surge
When clients were stranded without proper medical care and resources, our team delivered thousands of supplies, including oxygen concentrators, set up local tele-medicine support, and more.

GG_CaseStudyRound up v2_1 copy 8Evacuated 300+ Americans Stranded in Honduras Due to COVID-19
In partnership with on-the-ground teams and government contacts, Global Guardian coordinated multiple flights to bring Americans home despite strict border closures and travel restrictions.

GG_CaseStudyRound up v2_1 copy 10Delivered Critical Monetary Funds to Clients Amid Myanmar Coup
Our team provided much-needed financial assistance to seven large-scale clients, allowing them to keep business operations running without disruption despite financial chaos in Myanmar.
GG_CaseStudyRound up v2_1 copy 11Executed Delivery of Supplies and Emergency Transport During Severe Texas Storms
When the employees of corporate clients were left stranded without food and water, Global Guardian swiftly worked with on-the-ground teams to secure and deliver necessary supplies.

GG_CaseStudyRound up v2_1 copy 9Saved Lives During Easter Terrorist Bombings in Sri Lanka
Using the Travel Guardian platform, our team was able to locate and communicate with clients in the area, then dispatch local response teams to provide safe transport to the airport.

GG_CaseStudyRound up v2_1 copy 12Rescued Clients During Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean
Within hours of the hurricanes passing over the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Global Guardian deployed teams to set up satellite communication, survey damage, and evacuate people to safety.

I can say without hesitation that I don’t know what we would have done without your support. Our emergency medical provider and other connections were not able to deliver any support on the ground due to the complexities. Your operations team on the ground has been top notch-professional, timely and compassionate. It’s really helped our staff to have someone local to help them understand and coordinate.

Global Safety Director, Global Environmental Organization



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