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Prepare, Assist, and Respond

In today’s world, employees have an increased expectation from their employers to keep them safe, whether at home or traveling abroad. With Global Guardian’s Duty of Care Membership and Travel Guardian platform, employers can alert, assist, and locate travelers in real-time to mitigate traveler risk around the world. 

A Travel Guardian license provides access to our mobile application, itinerary PNR tracking, a web-based Traveler Portal, and the Management Control Center.




Request emergency response support with the push of a panic button


Global two-way communication and Operations Center support


Country Risk Rating Reports at the traveler’s fingertips with the App and Traveler Portal


Proximity alert notifications of events near travelers using the App and facilities


Web portal for managers to view global travel footprint and stay abreast of global events



Management Control Center

The Global Guardian Management Control Center provides administrators with a central platform to monitor traveler location-sharing data, physical assets, and planned travel - all while accounting for security, medical, and travel-related issues via intelligence alerts taking place around the world.

  • Access three unique portals: Security Portal, Trip Manager, Reports Dashboard
  • Real-time geospatial position of travelers
  • Review latest intelligence and global incidents
  • Itinerary-based (PNR) position of travelers
  • Direct communication to Global Guardian's Operations Center through text, email, and voice capabilities

Global Guardian Mobile Application

Global Guardian provides travelers with a mobile phone application to accompany the Management Control Center. The application allows travelers to check in, send alerts, request help, receive updates on travel advisories, stay connected to their company, and communicate with Global Guardian's 24/7 Operations Center.


Direct line of text communication to the 24/7 Ops Center.


Personal itineraries are conveniently displayed here.

Tracking & Privacy

Users may turn on and off at their leisure. When location-sharing, users will see the button blink or flash.

Check In

One tap check in lets Global Guardian’s Operations Center know the user is OK and all is well.

Travel Info

Provides country specific travel advice including tips on health and safety, currency, communication, and more.


When a user needs to alert Global Guardian to a problem, users can simply press the panic button and a Global Guardian representative will be in touch immediately.


Easily set up panic buttons with Bluetooth technology.

Call Ops Center

With the press of a button, this feature allows users to quickly call a live Global Guardian operator for 24/7 assistance.

Travel Alerts

Receive alerts that have been vetted and approved by Global Guardian analysts that may impact your travel. Users may also use this feature to see nearby security incidents.

Take Photo

Users can take photos to share with Global Guardian’s Operations Team in the event they need assistance in a particular situation where a photograph may be helpful.


This web-based portal allows travelers to:

  • Add or modify upcoming trip itineraries
  • View and add mobile application devices
  • Update personal information, including emergency contacts
  • View country risk rating reports and COVID-19 TravelCheck information to prepare for entry requirements and important travel tips
  • Explore Global Guardian resources, including annual risk map, traveler user guide, upcoming webinars and complimentary e-learning courses


Global Guardian oversees traveler itineraries – including flights, hotels, car trips, and more. This simplifies travel by storing all relevant trip details in one centralized location and ensures members receive alerts related to upcoming destinations. 

  • Travelers can submit travel plans to a dedicated organization-specific email, and Global Guardian will automatically ingest those plans
  • Pre-trip travel alerts up to 48 hours before and during travel, plus live flight updates
  • Itineraries appear in the Management Control Center, allowing administrators to manage all employee travel in one central location
  • App and traveler portal for employees to view itineraries

If your organization is planning to submit travel frequently and at a high-volume, our team can work with your Travel Management Company (TMC) to integrate data directly into our system.

Our Process