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With Global Guardian’s Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion Services, clients have access to pre-event, real-time and post-event crisis response services. We offer specialized knowledge and a wide range of services to help clients manage their risk landscape.


Individual policies for high-profile travelers


Full protection for your spouse and children


Customized options for corporate, institution, and large groups


There are an estimated 12,500 to 25,000 kidnappings a year worldwide.

It is an unfortunate fact that no one is immune to a kidnapping or extortion threat. A lack of proper coverage at a critical time can result in untold agony and emotional devastation for all parties involved, coupled with the potential for a significant financial loss. Global Guardian can advise and safely address potential blind spots such as:

  • Should the police be contacted
  • Where to set up a meeting
  • Are the police trustworthy
  • How to communicate with kidnappers
  • How to ascertain proof of life
  • How to deliver the ransom


Kidnap and extortion incidents are difficult to predict, but when they occur a swift, organized and expert response is required to ensure the safety of the traveler.


Definition: Taking and holding captive by people who demand a ransom for release.

Example: While traveling overseas for a board meeting, a senior executive’s husband is abducted by a criminal organization who demand ransom from the executive’s company.

Express Kidnap

Definition: Hijack or kidnap for a period of less than 24 hours.

Example: An investment professional traveling in India is forced out of his car by gunpoint while returning to his hotel. The kidnappers force the employee to withdraw cash at nearby ATMs.


Definition: The holding of a person while traveling in a form of public or private transportation.

Example: A senior executive is held for three hours under duress. When the executive is released, he requires special medical and psychiatric support.

Wrongful Detention

Definition: The unlawful or illegal holding of a person by local authority.

Example: Employees detained a casino resort executive in a labor dispute over terms for laid-off staff. Local government authorities refuse to intervene to support the executive.

Disappearance Investigation

Definition: The unexplained vanishing of a member.

Example: A senior engineer executive scheduled to give a presentation out-of-town, fails to show. His wife calls stating she had not had contact with him since his plane landed.

Hostage Taking

Definition: Seizing of an individual with threat of harm unless a third party takes action.

Example: A terrorist organization abducts an employee overseas and demands the host country, United States or other government to release prisoners from their organization.


Definition: The making of illegal threats directly or indirectly.

Example: The CEO of a Fortune 500 company receives threatening phone calls and emails regarding layoffs. The caller threatens the CEO’s family unless demands are met.

Child Abduction

Definition: The wrongful and illegal seizure of a person under the age of 18.

Example: A former nurse abducts a newborn from the hospital.


Comprehensive response capabilities available to assess and respond to the threat, which may include security protection, support from local authorities, emergency relocation, and the client’s safe return home.

Global Guardian’s international network of consultants maintain an intimate knowledge of local cultures, communities and political climates as well as a culturally and politically sensitive approach to resolving all conflicts.

Private Negotiator

Expenses for an independent negotiator

Public Relations

Expenses of an independent public relations consultant and/or interpreter

Specialized Equipment

Costs of communication equipment, recording equipment and advertising

Emergency Relocation

Costs of travel and accommodation incurred