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With a Family Membership, we take care of your family - wherever they are. Because there is nothing more important than protecting those you love most – travel with emergency response, medical support and global tracking capabilities. Your family’s safety is important to us everywhere.

Membership Benefits


Medical Evacuation Coverage to the Hospital of Your Choice


24/7 Emergency Response Support with the Push of a Button


Global Tracking for the Entire Family


Dedicated On-The-Ground Teams in 140+ Countries


On-Call Board Certified Physicians for Telemedical Consultation


On Demand Access to Latest Intelligence, Travel Alerts, and Destination Reports



With a family membership, your entire family has 24/7 access to our Operations Center through telephone, email and mobile phone application. Call our team for travel security advice before or during your trip. Our security analysts are standing by to assist you at all times.

  • Emergency Response
  • Telemedical Consultation
  • Consular Services
  • Travel Intelligence
  • Secure Transportation

Membership Services


Global Tracking & Mobile Phone Application

Monitor, track, and communicate with your family wherever they are. With precise location and itinerary tracking, our 24-hour Operations Center can support traveling family members in the event of an emergency. Our platform alerts travelers with pre-trip intelligence and keeps them informed in real-time about any security concerns happening in the surrounding area.

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Air Ambulance Medical Evacuation

If you or a family member are hurt and hospitalized while traveling, Global Guardian can arrange for air medical and ground transportation to take you to the hospital of your choosing. Unlike traditional travel insurance, you choose where you’d like to be treated and we take you there, no questions asked.

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Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Global Guardian’s Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion coverage provides comprehensive and tailored solutions to a variety of security crises targeting individual and family clients. These crises primarily include threats and extortion against people, property, and proprietary information. This policy covers your family for unforeseen financial damages that arise as a result from these dangerous situations. 

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Security Response

Global Guardian’s Security Response membership provides comprehensive evacuation coverage for your family in all types of crises. In the event a Security Response member is in a country that receives a Do Not Travel Advisory Escalation from the U.S. State Department, Global Guardian will execute their evacuation to a safe haven at no cost to the member.

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Study Abroad Services

Have peace of mind with Global Guardian safeguarding your student’s study abroad experience, no matter where they study. Whether they need medical attention, get injured, or find themselves in an unsafe environment, one call to Global Guardian will have them in contact with you and in touch with our experienced security professionals at our 24/7 Operations Center.

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