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Air Ambulance

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Global Guardian Air Ambulance Membership Plans

Short-Term Travel Plans

For individuals and families looking for short-term trip coverage.

For individuals and families looking for short-term trip coverage.

Pricing Starts at $155
Pricing Starts at $255
Annual Travel Plans

For individuals and families traveling less than 90 consecutive days.

For individuals and families traveling in duration of 90+ consecutive days.

Pricing Starts at $280
Pricing Starts at $680
Corporate Plans
Cover 10+ Employees

Support your traveling employees by providing them with an extra layer of medical evacuation coverage.


Travel With Peace of Mind

Global Guardian Air Ambulance is a membership program that provides air medical evacuation services to members anywhere in the world at anytime. Once enrolled, our members never pay a dime more than their membership fee. If our members get sick or injured while traveling, we fly them to their hospital of choice.

Travel, health, and credit card policies typically do not cover medical evacuation services or repatriation—join our program and travel with world-class protection.



Protect Your Family


Protect Your Savings


No Out-Of-Pocket Payments


No Deductibles


No Pre-Existing Exclusions


No Claims Forms

How It Works

Enroll in Air Ambulance

Complete the enrollment online. Your membership is effective immediately. Enjoy your trip!

Call Us in an Emergency

If you are sick or injured in a hospital, Call our 24/7 Operations Center.

We Bring You Home

No claim forms, no deductibles and world-class service.


How Do We Compare to the Rest?

Competitor Programs

Credit Cards

Insurance Coverage

No Claims Forms

Our members pay nothing out-of-pocket, and never file a claims form.

No Deductibles

We pay for bedside-to-bedside transport - there are no hidden fees.

No Pre-Existing Exclusion

We welcome all members, even if they have health issues.

Telemedical Consultation

Access board certified physicians throughout your travels 

Complete Coverage

Members are fully covered as long as they are 150 miles from home.

Hospital Choice

We fly you to the hospital of your choice, not the nearest appropriate facility.


Why do I need Global Guardian Air Ambulance?

Global Guardian Air Ambulance provides an added layer of protection that standard travel insurance and credit card evacuation policies do not – meaning you can transfer to the hospital of your choice. Our memberships offer travelers peace of mind, financial protection, and a one-call solution for getting them home in an emergency.

Is this Travel Insurance?

No. While some travel insurance policies do contain limited medical evacuation coverage, their main purpose is to refund the cost of the trip in case of cancellation. Global Guardian Air Ambulance is not a replacement for travel insurance—it is a layer of protection not offered by most policies.

Do I have this with my credit card or travel insurance?

Many standard travel insurance and credit card medical transport policies limit transports to the “nearest appropriate” or “nearest U.S. facility” which may be thousands of miles from home. Global Guardian Air Ambulance will bring you home to the hospital of your choice. Also, some travel insurance will only transport policy holders if the insurance company deems it a medical necessity. If you are hospitalized 150 or more miles away, we will bring you home.

Can I just pay for a medical flight myself?

Yes, however it can be very expensive. Domestic U.S. air medical transport services range from $10,000 to $75,000; international transports can easily exceed $100,000. In addition, you would be required to pay for the trip in advance, either by a wire transfer or on a pre-approved charge to your credit card. As an Air Ambulance member, the membership fee is all you pay should you require a transport.


What constitutes a family membership?

In addition to yourself, your spouse or domestic partner and up to five dependent children living in your household may be included. Children must be under age 26 and covered by the member’s health insurance policy.

What is the maximum age requirement for Air Ambulance?

You must be 84 years of age or under to be eligible for an Air Ambulance membership.

When is my enrollment effective?

Global Guardian Air Ambulance enrollment for eligible members is effective immediately upon our receipt of your enrollment application and payment. 


What do I do if I am hospitalized while traveling?

It's very simple. Dial the number on your membership card and our medical team will work with your doctors to determine the best way to get you home safely. There are no deductibles and no claim forms to file. It’s that easy.

Can family members accompany the individual being transported?

Air Ambulance can accommodate up to one additional companion/family member in addition to the patient on a medical transport, with the exception of COVID-19 transfers.

How many transports am I allowed each year?

Global Guardian Air Ambulance allows up to two separate transports per membership per year. In the case of repatriation flights involving multiple enrolled family members and requiring simultaneous repatriations, each family member will receive one fully paid transport.

COVID-19 Specialized Transfer

Does a Global Guardian Air Ambulance membership cover transport if you are hospitalized with COVID-19?

Yes, if you are hospitalized as an inpatient due to COVID-19 while traveling internationally, you may be transported to the hospital of your choice. You must be under the age of 75 and fully vaccinated to be eligible.

Do I have to obtain a specific membership to include COVID-19 transport?

COVID-19 transportation is covered for all Individual and Family members who are under the age of 75 and fully vaccinated as determined by the qualifications of the member’s home country government.

If I have a Senior Membership, am I eligible for a COVID-19 transport?

Members must be under the age of 75 to be eligible for transportation if they are hospitalized as an inpatient due to COVID-19. Our Senior Memberships are for individuals between the ages of 75 and 84, and as such, will not be eligible for a COVID-19 transport.

Are there quarantine restrictions that apply to COVID-19-positive patients?

If you are under quarantine by a hospital, a government, or any other regulatory entity exercising jurisdiction and that medical facility, government, or regulatory entity will not allow transfer, transport will not be possible.

How long will a COVID-19 transport take?

The time frame for a COVID-19 transfer may be extended beyond that of a typical medical transport and is dependent on multiple factors including, but not limited to, affiliate availability to transfer COVID-19 patients, required permits or permissions, and any other factors that are beyond Air Ambulance’s control.

What do I do if I’m hospitalized with COVID-19 and eligible for a COVID-19 transport?

Follow the same steps for any other hospitalization. Dial the number on your membership card and our medical team will work with your doctors to determine the best way to get you safely to the hospital of your choice, and at no additional cost to you.

Can family members accompany the individual being transported for COVID-19?

Due to plane capacity and safety protocols, traveling companions or family members are not allowed to accompany members transported for COVID-19.

What if I test positive for COVID-19 while traveling internationally?

Air Ambulance provides hospital to hospital transport service. As such, if you test positive for COVID-19 but are not hospitalized, you are not eligible for transport under your membership.

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Hear From Our Members

"While sightseeing in an outdoor market in Bali, I tripped on a boulder in the road and broke my hip. A local ambulance ferried me to an Indonesian hospital. I knew it was the last place I wanted to have the surgery I needed and immediately realized this is why I have an Air Ambulance membership. Not only did Air Ambulance get me where I needed to be, but having this membership saved me over $125,000. While many air evacuation plans would have transported me to the “nearest appropriate facility,” which in this case would likely have been a two-hour flight to Singapore, Global Guardian Air Ambulance transported me back home to the hospital of my choice, which was the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a 26-and-a-half-hour trip from Bali. I am forever grateful that thanks to my Air Ambulance membership, I was able to make it back to Mayo for my surgery."

Mary S.

"While traveling in a remote area of Brazil, I slipped on a wet tile floor, breaking and shattering my kneecap. The town was not equipped to deal with an injury like this and adding to the severity of the situation, I had suffered a heart attack three years earlier, and was having trouble communicating with the local doctors about the danger if I was given the wrong medicine. Knowing I did not want to have the surgery in a third world country, I was beyond thankful that I had purchased an Air Ambulance membership prior to my vacation. My husband had an international operator connect him with the Air Ambulance team who stepped in immediately and handled everything. Within six hours, the team had obtained the necessary visas, clearances, and permits in order to dispatch the jet and medical team to bring me home to Colorado for my surgery. Thanks to Air Ambulance, I am recovered and traveling overseas once again, ensuring the first thing I pack is always my Air Ambulance card."

Barbara L.

"While sliding down a waterfall after a zip line tour in Costa Rica, I hit a rock, breaking my back in two places. When I came up, I looked at my husband and told him ‘I cannot breathe.’ I was transported to a makeshift medical hut before having to travel six hours on a bumpy, unpaved road to a hospital in San Jose for emergency surgery. During this time, Global Guardian Air Ambulance was dispatching a fully staffed air ambulance jet to bring me home. Words cannot describe how wonderful and comforting it was to have the Air Ambulance team by my side through it all. Without Air Ambulance, who I now consider part of my family, I would have spent six weeks alone in Costa Rica recovering or been forced to pay $35,000 dollars cash, up front, to fly myself home."

Anna F.

Global Air Medical Transportation Network

Global Guardian Air Ambulance has the resources to bring sick or injured members home from the farthest corners of the earth. With more than 50 partner aircraft stationed around the world, our 24-hour Aviation Team coordinates all aspects of member medical transport and delivers peace of mind to traveling members experiencing medical emergencies.

Global response network in 130+ countries 

Certified teams to carefully coordinate you and your loved ones experience

100+ Aircrafts, crafted for one scenario 

Our 100 base locations around the world are ready to dispatch within the hour