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While it is impossible to predict the future with certainty or prepare for every eventuality, everyday emergencies happen; and when a crisis occurs, response time is critical. Our 24/7 Global Emergency Response Services manages an international emergency response network – accessible with the push of a button. While other emergency response providers rely on third-party operators, our network of 130+ in-country response teams are local and can be dispatched within minutes and hours.

Key Benefits of Emergency Response

Whether at-risk individuals need to be located, secured and extracted, security threats need to be neutralized, or there is a medical emergency, Global Guardian is standing by to assist – every step of the way.


One Point of Contact

Our one-push alert button connects you with our 24/7 Global Operations Center, where experienced operators stand ready to respond


Hyper Responsive

Our 24/7 Operations Center and local ground teams coordinate response in minutes and hours versus days and weeks


130+ Local In-Country Teams

Global Guardian’s network of vetted and tested ground teams offer clients the most responsive and well-placed in-country care


Medical Evacuation

Our Air Ambulance services take you to the hospital of your choice with no claims, no deductibles, and no pre-existing conditions


Mobile Tracking

GPS-based personnel and asset tracking, ensuring your whereabouts are known for most efficient response time


21,000+ Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Travel in confidence knowing you are always within reach of professional medical care and board-certified physicians


Global Teams, Local Knowledge

Our presence is global, but our team’s knowledge is local and invaluable. They maintain real-time intelligence, understand the culture, speak the local language, and have regional connections that set them apart from others in the industry. When we say on-the-ground teams in 130+ countries, we mean just that—our teams are there today in-person, not driving or flying in to support you. Our local and global presence makes all the difference in emergency situations.


Natural Disaster Relief

While natural disasters can wreak havoc and devastate entire communities - restoration and recovery do not have to be chaotic. Our Global Emergency Response Services team of security personnel specializes in emergency response, disaster relief, recovery, and restoration. Our team’s comprehensive resources can support your organization starting with site assessments to delivering relief supplies.

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Drone Technology Services

When it comes to emergency response, timing and planning is critical. With the use of our drone technology, the Global Guardian team can ensure no detail is left behind, every step of the way. Our drones are operated by experienced Global Guardian agents with Title 14 CFR § 107 FAA certified aerial drone licenses. Equipped with multiple features, the drones are small and compact, ensuring easy deployment almost anywhere with the ability to get into areas not accessible by foot or vehicle.

Drone Features


Active Global Footprint

The robust and comprehensive nature of our business model allows our global teams to constantly be active, executing 50-60 missions per month around the world. This ensures that when an emergency call comes, they are ready to react. Travel securely knowing you are always within reach and fully supported by a network that spans across 130+ countries.

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24/7 Operations Center

With a single point of contact, our one-push alert button connects you to our 24/7 Operations Center, staffed with Global Emergency Response Service professionals equipped to identify, monitor, and respond to threats and emergencies in real-time. From initial outreach through safe return home, our team will triage each situation as needed, always ensuring the highest level of service for the safety and security of each traveler.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Mission Group Theft in Tanzania


Emergency Response

Hurricanes Irma and Maria

U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Emergency Response

Hear From Our Members

Global Guardian delivers 100% of the time. Services are never over engineered, the Operations Center plans fit the parameters of the assignment and most importantly, the cultural expectations of our firm.

Chief Security Officer, Global Asset Management Firm

“Global Guardian's tracking service is extremely valuable to us. It provides a security solution for business travelers who would not otherwise be open to a security detail and acts, for us, as a global 911 service. It has allowed us to send employees to international destinations with the knowledge that if the unexpected occurs we have Global Guardian ready to respond at a moment's notice.”

Chief Security Officer, Fortune-100 Oilfield Services Company

"My spouse was lucky enough to be on the flight that Global Guardian evacuated out of Roatán, Honduras and all I can say is excellent company."

Spouse of Passenger on Roatán to Miami Flight

"Thanks to the efforts of Dale Buckner and Global Guardian we are safely home from Roatán. We will be talking for quite some time about the team's amazing efforts to rally together to offer this evacuation flight. In what seemed to be an impossible task of getting back home, was so professionally put it into action by Global Guardian, and we are so thankful."

Passenger on Roatán to Miami Flight

"Things were getting scarce and everything closed up in the small town. The locals wanted us out and things could have gotten real ugly real fast. With my three other flights all being canceled and the next one pushed out, I do not know when I would have gotten home if it was not for Global Guardian and their efforts."

Passenger on Roatán to Miami Flight

"My wife, daughter, and granddaughter were on Global Guardian's Roatán flight and I am eternally grateful for that."

Family Member of Passenger on Roatán to Miami Flight