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Training your employees how to avoid—and respond to—a crisis is a cornerstone of every effective security program. From power outages to cyberattacks, a global pandemic to civil unrest, regular business operations face a constant risk of disruption. And while you cannot always predict when an incident will occur, your team can be prepared for when one does. Our highly skilled experts offer a full range of custom personal and organizational e-learning courses to provide your business the necessary resources to keep running in the face of any challenge.

Key Benefits of Business
Continuity & Training


Tailored business continuity plans addressing everything from protocol development to evacuation planning


Physical and digital security assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities


Mitigate risk and inform employees how to respond in a crisis


Ability to utilize Off-the-shelf or custom courses based upon organizational needs

Global Guardian Academy

Global Guardian Academy is designed to offer both customizable and ready-made online education programs that empower and inform, giving you and your employees the peace of mind and skills to operate, travel, and live safely.

In partnership with Greylake Training Solutions, Global Guardian Academy specializes in online courses that address your specific organizational or individual needs.

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Member Exclusive


This short course will help you better understand how to prepare ahead of your next business trip, to ensure you have a safe and successful journey. We’ll explore steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of a security incident during travel.

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Member Exclusive


This short course will help you recognize health risks that may arise from travel, understand how to prepare and stay healthy, and know when and how to seek help if you become ill or injured during travel.

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Now Available


Learn valuable cyber security skills to protect your personal and financial information. You will learn how to recognize, prevent, and respond to cyber threats and feel confident managing your online profiles safely and securely

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Create an educational program that reflects what is most important to you and your people. Our online education programs enable you to design a learning experience from start to finish that addresses your unique needs and empowers you and your people.

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Experienced Training Experts

Our training teams have decades of experience working in military special operations, intelligence, and federal law enforcement. These diverse, high-level backgrounds make them uniquely equipped to develop and implement business continuity and personnel training strategies no matter the organization or situation.


Global and Local Knowledge

Our business continuity and training experts include experienced security analysts and local in-country researchers, giving you on-the-ground expertise and guidance when planning for scenarios all around the world. When overseas emergencies threaten your business and its personnel, we will have your team ready to react.

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