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Timely and accurate intelligence about the conditions that personnel will face when traveling overseas is a vital part of a sound security management program. The more specific such intelligence is to the geographic area, people, events, and assets involved, the more useful it is for anticipating and avoiding potential threats. Our professional analysts know the localized nuances and threats in regions throughout the world, and can provide you with relevant travel intelligence, real-time security alerts, and due diligence products.


Custom Intelligence Products

Global Guardian also offers additional custom intelligence services, including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Incident Analysis
  • Event Monitoring
  • Open/Dark Web Profile Assessments
  • Background Investigation
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Criminal History
  • Online Image Shaping/Reputation Management
  • Global Intelligence Portal
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Open Source Data Mining

Global Guardian’s data mining system provides highly customizable filtering of open source information, allowing for the extraction of relevant and actionable intelligence. The results are generated by using data taken from real-time and historical databases and can be delivered to clients in a variety of formats.

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User-Driven Customization

Global Guardian recognizes that different members of a client's organization consume intelligence in different ways and therefore have different requirements. Global Guardian can provide each client with the information they need, while avoiding the practice of overwhelming users with excessive information.

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Stay informed on the latest global security incidents with communication notifications curated by our international security analyst team.

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Executive Protection & Transportation

Hear From Our Members

"We are continuously evaluating new opportunities to grow our business around the world. This involves evaluating countries and regions where we do not currently have operations. When this need arises I rely on Global Guardian to provide accurate and timely assessments of the various risks associated with entering these areas. They always deliver and can provide risk assessments at the country, region and local level to assist us in making business decisions in real time."

Chief Security Officer, Fortune-100 Oilfield Services Company

“Global Guardian's intel gathering capabilities and global security expertise and relationships are a differentiator. They always assign the right team members to the project and they always select the best in country partners.”

Chief Security Officer, Global Asset Management Firm