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In today’s digitally connected world, virtual threats can be just as dangerous as physical threats. It is not just your customers and employees who count on you to keep their data safe—a single breach could put the future of your business in doubt. Global Guardian’s cyber security offering is designed to keep both corporations and individuals ahead of cyber threats and malicious actors. Our service offering includes expert baseline assessments, unparalleled real-time network monitoring and analysis with a focus on the end user.

Key Benefits of Cyber Security Services



Constant monitoring of your network to identify security breaches as quickly as possible



Our end-user security focus provides total network protection, even when traveling or working outside of your network


For North American clients, on-site security team presence within 24 hours of a cyber emergency



Instant response to cyber emergencies to mitigate damage and material losses


Responsive Security Services

We tailor our cyber services to each client’s security needs, conducting a baseline assessment and analyzing both the size and composition of the network. Once a security solution is implemented, we provide constant monitoring and analysis to identify vulnerabilities and potential breaches. This allows us to remedy these breaches to minimize any material damage—and possibly stop a cyber attack before it starts.


Comprehensive Assessment

We preface any cyber security coverage with an on-site visit to assess network vulnerabilities, including any active threats. Our clients receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings and security recommendations. These recommendations can serve as the basis for determining your security needs going forward.

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Explore Case Studies

Incident Response - Ransomware Attack on Energy Company

Texas, United States

Digital Infrastructure Protection

FBI Warning - Impending Cyber Attack Prevention

Boston, Massachusetts

Digital Infrastructure Protection

Incident Response - At Home Network Breach

California, United States

Digital Infrastructure Protection

Hear From Our Members

“Global Guardian helped me to set up a new system, shared with me best practices regarding all things cyber security, and I retain them now to essentially encrypt my home computer system, my laptop and my phone, along with monthly monitoring of all traffic and blocking of suspicious activity before it enters my system.”

Managing Director/Partner, Financial Services


Managed Detection & Response

  • On-premise, cloud or SDWAN connected Firewall Management
  • Secure Workstation Endpoint Protection and Managed Detection/Response
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Threat hunting

Physical Technology Assesssments

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Management Penetration Testing
  • Security Transformation Analysis and Services
  • Security Strategy and Roadmap
  • Architecture and Design
  • Security Architecture and Monitoring Strategy

Online Profile Assessments

  • Open and Deep Web Analysis
  • Dark Web Analysis
  • Insider Threats

On-Demand Consulting

  • Incident Response Services – Day Zero Response Services
  • Post Breach Services
  • Active Threat Hunting