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At Global Guardian, we work side-by-side with our canine companions to enhance the way we deter criminals, prevent a crisis, and identify threats. Their loyalty, intelligence, and heightened senses make them uniquely qualified to quickly assess threats and protect people. Plus, K9s complement our other security solutions, creating a holistic and comprehensive approach to the safety and security of your home or business.

Key Benefits


Cost-effective when using K9s to reduce manpower or when bundling with additional security solutions


Prevention and deterrence of criminal activity when K9s are present at a location or event


Immediate response in the event of an emergency while waiting for law enforcement to arrive


Non-lethal way to mitigate crime and protect your people from harm

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Our dogs can address a wide range of security needs including vehicle, building, and area search, single and multiple apprehensions, facility patrol, perimeter patrol, and client and handler protection.

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Our dogs are trained in explosive or narcotic detection, qualifying them to provide passive detection of explosives, such as IEDs and accelerants, or drugs and other contraband. While following national and international standards, we customize our program to the needs of our clients.

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Our K9s are capable of tracking human odors, or trained and reinforced scents, on any surface and in any environment. When on a track, they will follow the odor to the source, until they have found the missing person, article, or tracked object.

Where K9s Can Support

The presence of K9s can effectively deter and prevent unwanted criminal activity and when necessary, detect any illegal contraband or explosives. In the event of an emergency situation, K9s can add an extra layer of protection to mitigate crime.

Home or Workplace Schools & Universities Hotel & Hospitality Locations Places of Worship Airport & Transportation Locations Event & Sports Venues Manufacturing & Shipping Facilities Oil & Gas Facilities Board Meeting Venues Correctional Facilities


Placing a canine companion in your home

For individuals or families looking for an extra layer of personal protection and security, our team works with our global expert network to assist in selecting, vetting, and integrating a canine into your home. After completing training and placement, our dogs share an unbreakable bond and partnership with their family handlers.


  • A K9 present in the home will deter any unwanted criminal activity
  • In the event of a crime, K9s provide immediate response before law enforcement arrives
  • K9s have the ability to track missing family members, including kids and seniors
  • Traveling with a K9 provides an extra layer of security

About our Dogs

Our team works directly with the most experienced canine professionals in the world to support our clients with the very best. Depending on your needs and requirements we can help source, train, and assist you to fulfill your needs.

Our dogs come from superior working dog blood lines in Europe and meet or exceed national and international certification standards. Each dog goes through an extensive selection process before making their journey to the U.S. for imprinting and training. Once trained, they are routinely evaluated and re-certified, ensuring they are always fit for the job. They undergo daily scenario training to maintain street readiness.