As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, it is our goal at Global Guardian to introduce new products to further support the health, safety, and security of our clients. It is with this that we are pleased to bring you the opportunity to purchase Mobile Medical Units for your organizational needs.

Manufactured, distributed, and installed by Synergy Med Global Design Solutions and backed by former Governor and Homeland Security Director, Tom Ridge, the Mobile Transportable Clean Cube for Rapid Response (MC3-RR) units are self-contained systems, which provide an effective way to aid in the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 and care for the health and safety of your employees.

The MC3-RR is a viable solution for on-site deployment at critical infrastructure facilities, data centers, warehouse transportation hubs, offices, or temporary medical sites. The units are currently being produced in 11 different facilities within the United States and are available for immediate deployment by truck, rail, or military transport. At Governor Ridge’s urging, the first unit is being shipped to New York City next week. Production capacity is currently expected to exceed 100 units per month, with delivery expected within three days of rolling off the line. 


Details include:

  • Units range in complexity and can be used for a variety of needs including testing and triaging employees as they come and go as well as housing for staff needing a sterile environment.

  • The unitized, transportable systems can be deployed inside or outside of facilities and can be nested in clusters to create economies of scale with respect to treating large groups.

  • Units are sterile, watertight, and hermetically sealed, with self-contained power, potable water, and HEPA-filtered air, easily sterilized between uses with a computer-controlled Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide fogging system. 

  • Units can also be individually configured and fit-out to meet many different needs, potentially resolving a number of logistical issues that have arisen as a result of the healthcare system being overwhelmed.

Now more than ever it is critical to keep your essential employees and facilities safe and secure. As we prepare for the future, we will continue to bring you solutions like these that are manufactured, distributed, and installed by Synergy Med Global Design Solutions.


To discuss capacity, capability, and logistics, please fill out the form below and Charles Meade, Managing Partner at Synergy Med will contact you. You can also reach Charles by email or phone at +1 (917) 583-2137. We also invite you to watch the overview video or browse the brochure, which highlights the different features of the MC3-RR units.


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