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While the global battle against coronavirus continues, some countries are making progress while others are still experiencing high rates of transmission. India in particular is in the midst of a COVID-19 crisis. Official case counts routinely exceed 300,000/day, and the government reports nearly 3,000 deaths per day. Both of these statistics are significant undercounts, with some estimates putting these metrics at 2-5x official counts. The healthcare system is overwhelmed, with critical shortages of oxygen and hospital beds. There are reports of people are dying from COVID-19 while in line outside hospitals and clinics.

In an effort to support Global Guardian clients we are actively: 

  • Coordinating both medical and security evacuations 
  • Helping coordinate tele-medicine from the US and in India 
  • Sourcing oxygen concentrators 

Standing by to Support

As the situation unfolds, Global Guardian is actively supporting clients with their security needs. If you are in need of support please contact Global Guardian’s 24/7 Operations by clicking below or calling + 1 (703) 566-9463.

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