The case trend in the U.S. is slowly declining, now at 36,000 daily new cases on average over the last seven days. This is a 10% drop from the 40,000 daily new cases on average from the week prior. similar to the moving average last week. The U.S. has now recorded over 6,300,000 confirmed cases and nearly 190,000 deaths.

  • Hotspots in the U.S. remain focused in the South and Midwest. West Virginia has experienced a recent surge in new cases, but total cases remain relatively low. 

02 sept usa daily

02 sept usa daily deaths





GG_CoronaVirus US map 09 sept

GG_CoronaVirus US LIST 09 sept

Latest Global Updates:

  • The United Kingdom is set to ban social gatherings of more than six people in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

  • British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca halted global trials of its vaccine candidate due an unexpected adverse reaction in a participant. The company did not say whether the reaction was due to the vaccine but is investigating the incident.

  • Australia extended its international border closures to at least 17 December. 

  • India recently surpassed Brazil with the most COVID-19 cases behind the U.S. The country now has nearly 4,500,000 confirmed cases. 

What we know:


  • Nearly 28,000,000 confirmed cases worldwide
  • 900,000 deaths
  • 20,000,000 recovered

GG_CoronaVirus LIST 09 sept


Daily new cases are surging in Israel, Argentina, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Morocco, stoking fears of a second-wave. This could lead to closing of borders and additional travel restrictions. Mexico, India, and Brazil continue to be global hotspots.

09 sept israel daily

09 sept arg daily

09 sept spain daily

09 sept fra daily

09 sept ned daily

09 sept morocco daily

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