Over the course of a week, the Global Guardian Asset Security team performed five apprehensions for one client at various construction and facility sites.

Upon identification of the suspects, the team performed immediate talk downs and dispatched local law enforcement. All five incidents ended with the suspects in custody.

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As people continue to suffer the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, Global Guardian’s Asset Security team can provide affordable professionally monitored video systems, offering the most comprehensive solution on the market today. The perimeter and interior of your business or facility will be protected 24/7 by the highest-trained security professionals in the industry operating from two world-class Security Operations Centers. We do everything digitally and provide rapid response, alerting law enforcement officials when there is a breach. There is no need for your employees to be onsite to check-in or for you to be on-call around the clock. Let our security professionals do the work for you and deliver you peace of mind.    

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Global Guardian is a McLean, VA based global security firm that provides its clients with access to a comprehensive suite of security services. Its capabilities include personnel tracking supported by a dedicated 24-hour Operation Center, a full range of personnel-based security and executive protection services, medical support and transportation, travel intelligence and emergency response and evacuation services in over 100 countries. Global Guardian’s suite of risk mitigation services provides organizations with innovative and cost-effective solutions to help them protect their staff and business operations around the world.

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