Global Guardian Academy is designed to offer both customizable and ready-made online education programs that empower and inform, giving you and your employees the peace of mind and skills to operate, travel, and live safely.

In partnership with Greylake Training Solutions, Global Guardian Academy specializes in online courses that address your specific organizational or individual needs.


Global Guardian Academy has assembled leaders at the top of their field to create a learning experience that is dynamic, relevant and empowering. Our team knows the importance of mitigating risk and knowing how to respond in a crisis.


GG_GGAcademy v2_Email Video 2 copy 4-1FEATURED COURSES

With the launch of this new service, we are pleased to share that all Global Guardian members now have complimentary access to two coursesTravel Safety Awareness and Travel Health Awareness. While we understand a return to normal, particularly business and personal travel, may still be months away, these two courses are designed to help you travel securely and confidently when you are ready.

In addition to our two featured travel courses, our Cyber Security Essentials course is also now available for purchase. This course will provide an overview of cyber security, how to recognize cyber threats, tips on preventing cyber attacks, and more. 

Global Guardian Academy will regularly release new courses throughout the year on relevant security topics. Clients will be able to purchase individually or inquire about scaled team pricing. To inquire simply contact us


Our team of security and business continuity experts will work closely with organizations looking to build their own custom courses. This includes:

  • Developing a training curriculum tailored to your organizational or individual needs.
  • Assessing organizational and individual challenges when determining how to implement personnel training while also upholding the duty of care requirements.
  • Providing the final training file to host on your Learning Management System (LMS) or host through the Academy's LMS. 


To learn more about Global Guardian Academy or to enroll in of our available courses, visit the Academy website at

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