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Every facility is different, and your security needs are certainly unique.  However, every manager shares at least five of the same security concerns:

  1. How do I prevent unauthorized individuals from entering onto my property?
  2. How do I protect my assets from theft or vandalism?
  3. How do I protect my facility from fire/flood/or other disaster?
  4. How do I gather evidence that can help catch someone who has stolen or damaged one of my assets?
  5. How can I accomplish all of this in the most cost-effective way?

You have a variety of options at your disposal, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

GG_EmailGraphics 102819-01No security system

This is the most common choice for business owners of all sizes, particularly for those who have never experienced the disruptive effects of a loss. The doors are locked, right?  While you may get lucky, and the cost savings of an unsecured facility may add up, a significant loss or damage associated with otherwise easily preventable criminal activity can take a heavy toll on a company in the form of deductibles, lost time, and reputational damage.  No matter what the size of your facility, going unsecured is an amateur move.

GG_EmailGraphics 102819-02DIY alarms and cameras

It’s a brave new world in terms of available DIY security technology today. Wifi camera and motion sensors are affordable and easy to install, and they certainly add some level of security to small facilities.  The major challenge is that you must remain in the loop, watching any triggers to determine whether they are false alarms or the real deal.  If your sensor is too sensitive, you waste a great deal of time clearing false alarms.  And if the sensor isn’t sensitive, you’ll miss real intruders.  If you do witness a crime in progress, it is on you to call the police.  Except for the most cost sensitive managers of the smallest facilities, a DIY solution only provides the illusion of security. 

GG_EmailGraphics 102819-03Physical guards

Nothing signals that you are serious about security more than having physical guards at your facility—either patrolling your perimeter, guarding entrances, or monitoring on site cameras. You are telling the world that you have a great deal of money to spend and the bandwidth to manage the personnel, right?  The truth is, physical guards can offer excellent security for your facility.  However, it is an expensive option, especially if contracting a third party service.  Furthermore, guards provide imperfect coverage.  They can’t be everywhere at once, they can’t see in the dark, and they become fatigued if watching camera feeds for long periods of time.  They are also human and thus make mistakes.  Except for certain specific applications, physical guards are likely not your best option, at least if it is your sole security tool.

GG_EmailGraphics 102819-04A third-party monitoring solution

Third party monitoring combines the benefits of current security technology with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone else is managing the system. Most offerings on the market are affordable, and they use similar technology.  Systems can include camera monitoring, intrusion detection systems such as motion sensors and door switches, fire alarms, and even access control such as swipe card entry devices.  You have the freedom to choose what level of protection you desire based on your price point.  The main difference between the companies offering third party monitoring solutions is the quality of the human operators.  Most installation companies sell your monitoring account to large central stations, and most central stations run low-skill level call centers to handle alarms.  There is the potential for mistakes when you need an expert response the most, and you as the customer often have no idea who to turn to                                               when you need help.

The integrated security solutions that Global Guardian Asset Security currently offer are likely your most effective option at every price point.  We manage every part of the process ourselves—from initial consultation, to security audit, to the installation, to the monitoring.  We offer every customer a variety of options for their facility—from the highest quality systems that cover every possible vulnerability, to more affordable options that protect key areas only.  Our state-of-the-art video monitoring provides unblinking, event driven alarms to our 24/7 operations centers that are staffed with the most experienced security professionals available.  They immediately take control of any situation: directly talking to a potential intruder through audio systems, contacting facility managers, and dispatching and talking-on police if necessary.  And they can be reached directly, 24/7 by phone.

No matter what system you choose, you can rest assured that you are protected by the best in the industry.

We stand ready to discuss your unique security needs with a free consultation with a Global Guardian security professional.

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