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Leading security and travel risk management firm releases survey of security and human resources professionals that demonstrates heightened concerns about security threats among major U.S. companies

(McLean, VA) October 24, 2022 Global Guardian, the leading provider of international medical and security services for corporate and family travelers, announced today the findings of its 2022 Global Safety and Security Study. The results reveal that major U.S. companies believe the threats against them and their employees have intensified in recent years. The survey of 250 senior-level security and human resources professionals at the U.S.’ 1,000 largest companies indicates that companies and organizations face growing threats related to security, safety, and travel.

Companies are facing a more multifaceted threat portfolio as domestic and international risks continue to proliferate. The conflict in eastern Europe is escalating with Russia’s recent round of military mobilization, attempt to annex territory in Ukraine, and threats to use nuclear weapons. At home, thousands of Floridians are rebuilding and piecing their lives back together after Hurricane Ian ravaged communities and companies across much of the state. And a nationwide surge in violent crime is putting the safety and security of both individuals and companies at risk.

“The threat landscape has only become more complex for corporations compared to just three years ago,” said Dale Buckner, CEO of Global Guardian. “Around the country, companies face daily risks to their enterprise that range from ransomware attacks and natural disasters to workplace violence. Layer in geopolitical tensions across the globe and threats of conventional and nuclear warfare, and it is clear CEOs and key decision makers must seriously assess their security posture.”

Among those surveyed, 65% of professionals said the number of security threats, including safety and medical risks, have somewhat or significantly increased since 2019. The most significant threats identified are cybersecurity (76%), natural disasters (59%), and rising crime and violence (56%).

While almost all professionals surveyed believe their company has sufficient crisis response plans to respond to threats, 58% of companies have expanded their security budget in the past year, primarily to address anticipated new risks. Additionally, 63% of respondents reported needing supplemental help from a provider in response to a recent crisis or incident, indicating insufficient coverage for the threats faced from incumbent providers.

When asked about their duty of care providers, the two most appreciated features include effective emergency response (64%) along with tracking and monitoring (55%). Meanwhile, the two most cited features which professionals say are lacking among their current providers include medical tele-consult (44%) and evacuation services (32%).

However, the results also indicate that significant gaps remain in existing provider satisfaction among companies. Among the professionals surveyed, less than 60% say their providers met their expectations in the most recent crisis or incident their organization faced.          

One of Global Guardian’s industry differentiators is its capacity to deliver responsive duty of care services across all domains including medical, travel, and security. This comprehensive operational capability provides full-spectrum support to clients and is built on in-country response teams in over 130 countries.


Global Guardian is a McLean, VA based global security firm that provides its clients with access to a comprehensive suite of duty of care services. Its capabilities include personnel location sharing supported by a dedicated 24-hour Global Security Operations Center, a full range of personnel-based security and executive protection services, medical support and transportation, travel intelligence, and emergency response and evacuation services in over 130 countries. Global Guardian's suite of risk mitigation services provides organizations with innovative and cost-effective solutions to help them protect their staff and business operations around the world.

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