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Global Guardian's 2022 Global Safety and Security Study highlights executive leader's perspectives on the security threats impacting their companies—and the effectiveness of their current duty of care providers and practices.

It is the primary responsibility of physical security, cybersecurity, and human resources leaders to ensure that corporate executives, employees, operations, assets, and customers are protected against threats. That protection also entails delivering robust and comprehensive duty of care services related to safety, security, and travel.

To that effect, Global Guardian wanted to understand what the leaders in our economy, the largest U.S.-based corporations—those with 10,000 or more employees—are concerned about when it comes to protecting their enterprise.

We commissioned a study of their outlook on global safety and security, and the findings confirm what our security experts have advised: that the current and future environment is one of high alert for large and multinational businesses.



  • The global threat landscape—how corporate executives view and perceive future global disruptions and what threats they are most concerned about in the near term

  • Duty of care effectiveness—what corporate leaders value most in their duty of care providers and how their programs have performed in the face of recent threats  

  • The gap between confidence and preparedness—what areas of opportunity exist to ensure employees are prepared and supported, and why just increasing security budgets isn’t enough


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