Risk Stories! features Dale Buckner, Global Guardian CEO, in recent episode: The 9-1-1 of the World
  • What if you are traveling in a foreign country and you need help?
  • What if the borders and air space are suddenly closed?
  • What if you or a family member are kidnapped for ransom?

In the most recent podcast episode of Risk Stories!, Dale Buckner sits down with host Michael Puldy to discuss his 24-year military career, how he started Global Guardian 10 years ago, and how today, as CEO of Global Guardian, he focuses his expertise on helping people in high-risk situations wherever they may be in the world. 

During the 30-minute episode, Dale shares different real-life scenarios his clients face, and how Global Guardian's comprehensive security services, 24/7 Operations Center, and on-the-ground teams in over 100 countries allows for a crisis response time in minutes and hours. Dale also addresses the complexity of today’s world, emphasizing that at the corporate level, businesses should start to expect 2-4 major global disruptions a year, which is why having a plan in place to protect your people and your infrastructure is critical.

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Global Guardian is a McLean, VA based global security firm that provides its clients with access to a comprehensive suite of security services. Its capabilities include personnel tracking supported by a dedicated 24-hour Operation Center, a full range of personnel-based security and executive protection services, medical support and transportation, travel intelligence and emergency response and evacuation services in over 100 countries. Global Guardian’s suite of risk mitigation services provides organizations with innovative and cost-effective solutions to help them protect their staff and business operations around the world.

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