Emergency Security Response - Nairobi, Kenya

Global Guardian coordinated an urgent security response to a client living and working outside of Nairobi, Kenya

A Global Guardian client contacted its 24-hour Operations Center to advise that a vehicle had attempted to force him off the road while driving, and that that vehicle had followed him to his residence. The client had seen the vehicle circling the block several times since arriving home, and was concerned that he was being targeted for a break-in or potential kidnapping.

Global Guardian immediately dispatched four armed security agents from Nairobi. Arriving roughly 30 minutes later, these agents ensured the safety of the client and began a search of the area for the vehicle. Working with local authorities, and the license plate and vehicle information provided by the client, Global Guardian’s team located the vehicle whose occupants were detained and questioned by the police. Global Guardian provided 24-hour security at the client’s residence until the matter was resolved.

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