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  Leading duty of care and security firm assesses the future of geopolitical tensions in 2024 and beyond 

McLean, VA – April 4, 2024 - Global Guardian, the leading international duty of care firm for Fortune 1000 companies, high-net-worth individuals and world-renowned organizations, recently published its annual Worldwide Threat Assessment.

The 2024 Worldwide Threat Assessment takes an outside-the-box approach to several key geopolitical developments, focusing on how they will shape future safety and security concerns for global businesses and international travelers. These are issues and topics that may be overlooked in some cases and underappreciated in others. Global Guardian's expert analysis zeroes in on five specific points of contention posing increasing risks.  

  • The Taiwan "Quarantine": To Win Without Fighting 
  • Russian PMCs Post-Wagner 
  • The Air Defense Problem 
  • Global Supply Chains at a Crossroads 
  • The Age of Nuclear Blackmail 

"In today's fast-changing geopolitical landscape, it is essential that businesses and civilians seriously consider their exposure to geopolitical conflicts and how they can proactively prepare," said Dale Buckner, Chief Executive Officer of Global Guardian. "Releasing our Worldwide Threat Assessment allows us to share vital information and bolster awareness around the complexity of these risks and how to protect your company and operations." 

Global Guardian operates around-the-clock U.S.-based Security Operations Centers. Subject matter experts with real-world experience build tailored security programs to mitigate risk and provide tangible outcomes to various threats at home and abroad. Global Guardian offers customized services to its clients, including identifying, monitoring and responding to emergencies and threats with access to an extensive network of on-the-ground teams in over 130 countries. This infrastructure enables real-time monitoring, location awareness, robust global intelligence and digital monitoring capabilities. 

 For the full assessment, visit https://www.globalguardian.com/worldwide-threat-assessment 

About Global Guardian

Global Guardian is a McLean, VA-based global duty of care firm that provides its clients with access to a comprehensive suite of travel and corporate security services. Its capabilities include personnel location sharing supported by a dedicated 24-hour Global Security Operations Center, a full range of personnel-based security and executive protection services, medical support and transportation, travel intelligence, and emergency response and evacuation services in over 130 countries. Global Guardian’s management and advisory team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in military operations, special forces, intelligence, and federal law enforcement entities, ensuring a high level of subject matter expertise on the global security climate and the changing needs of businesses working and traveling internationally. Its suite of risk mitigation services provides organizations with innovative and cost-effective solutions to help them protect their staff and business operations around the world.

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