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As workplaces switch to indefinite remote work and individuals face barriers visiting their loved ones, the COVID-19 crisis is presenting new security challenges. With Global Guardian’s Asset Security video monitoring solutions, you can protect your family, your employees, and your livelihood during this time of uncertainty.


Securing your business and home can be challenging in the best of times, but the current crisis presents special challenges:

  1. Empty spaces 24/7. Businesses are currently empty or nearly empty for prolonged periods of times. Malicious actors will seek to exploit security gaps, endangering the essential employees on-site and your business assets.
  2. Lack of mobility. Travel restrictions and advisories are interrupting regular travel, making it harder for you to check in on loved ones living across state lines or property outside your primary residence.
  3. Extreme uncertainty. The crisis is fast-moving and its human and economic costs are unknown. Security monitoring is an essential and a wise investment.

Our affordable professionally monitored video systems offer the most comprehensive solution on the market today. The perimeter and interior of your business or home will be protected 24/7 by the highest-trained security professionals in the industry operating from two world-class Security Operations Centers. We do everything digitally and provide rapid response, alerting law enforcement officials when there is a breach. There is no need for your employees to be onsite to check-in or for you to be on-call around the clock. Let our security professionals do the work for you and deliver you peace of mind.    

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