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NEW: Read the 2024 Worldwide Threat Assessment, with new emerging threats prepared by the Global Guardian Intelligence Team > 

The “old way” of doing business with little to no thought of threats to personnel, infrastructure, communications, and supply chain is over. Today’s evolving threat landscape presents an unprecedented challenge for organizations, especially multinationals—and more than ever, geopolitics is shaping the international business environment. 

As detailed in this year's Worldwide Threat Assessment from Global Guardian’s intelligence analysts, the second and third-order effects of the Russia-Ukraine War and the West’s decoupling from China have only begun to expose the fragile state of globalization, necessitating organizations to proactively assess resilience and prioritize business continuity planning.

GG 2023 WorldThreatBrief FeatureImage v1_GG_FeatureImage_RiskMap2022 copy 4Inside the report, you'll find the following topics:

  • The Post-Soviet Space in Disarray
  • Chip Wars: The Geopolitics of Semiconductors
  • Age of the ABVIED
  • Little Blue Men: China's Gray Zone Fleet

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