Global Guardian Completes Emergency Security Support Mission in Support of Client Operations Following Hurricane Matthew

In October 2016, Global Guardian was called upon to support client damage assessment and reconstruction activates in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. The Category 5 storm caused massive structural damage, power outages, and flooding throughout the Caribbean. Matthew passed directly over Nassau and resulted in a Hurricane watch for the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, and Turks and Caicos. Local airports were shut down following the storm and Bahamian security forces were deployed to secure the country and ensure the delivery of relief supplies. Road transportation was restricted and many hospitals in the area were limited in their ability to provide care.

Within 48 hours of the passing of the storm, Global Guardian deployed a highly trained security and field medical team in support of client personnel assessing damage to their on-island facility. Global Guardian’s team coordinated transportation to and from the island, provided medical support and security for client staff, and conducted a comprehensive security and medical assessment of the island for client planning.

Following the initial assessment period, Global Guardian deployed an expanded security team to provide security and logistics management for a multi-week client reconstruction project. This team was supported throughout the project period by Global Guardian’s 24-hour Operations Center, US-based medical team, and medical evacuation planning staff. Global Guardian’s efforts allowed its client to rapidly asses and address damage to its operations and resume normal operating posture.

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