Global Guardian Assists Clients During Turkey Coup Attempt

On 15 July, Turkish Military officials attempted a coup to overthrow the government. Military aircraft and tanks were deployed in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, forcing the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to seek shelter and communicate with citizens over Skype. The military declared marshal law and instituted a curfew for all citizens and travelers. At the conclusion of the attempted coup, at least 265 people were dead, including 161 civilians and 104 other individuals.

Global Guardian assisted clients during and after the incident by distributing real-time, on-the-ground intelligence and providing commercial and private air evacuation options. Although Turkey’s two largest airports were listed as ‘open’ during much of the coup, Global Guardian received intelligence from local security teams indicating that all US carriers had suspended flights. In addition, few employees, including those responsible for security, went to work. This resulted in a dynamic and uncertain security situation and Global Guardian received multiple reports of looting and security lapses at both airports. In the days following the coup, Global Guardian assisted clients by coordinating transport to and from the airport to ensure safe departure from Turkey.

Throughout the incident, Global Guardian maintained contact with all affected personnel and corporate point-of-contacts. On-the-ground intelligence provided by its local security teams along with emergency evacuation options were distributed to all Global Guardian clients in real-time.

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Global Guardian

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