Jamaica Security Services

Our security and emergency response coverage includes many Jamaica’s cities and resort towns including Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Port Antonio.

When requiring immediate assistance for acts or threats of violence, personal health issues, vehicle accidents, political or social instability, natural disasters or any other sources of friction and uncertainty or when the need for intelligence gathering arises, Global Guardian clients can contact us via our GPS beacons, satellite phones, mobile apps, or by texting or calling our 24- hour Global Operations Center, and we will immediately assist with the necessary resources, including personal security, vehicles, and aircraft if necessary.

Our carefully selected, vetted and tested security services in Jamaica are tailored to each client’s requirements, the threat, and the operating environment in which they are deployed. We can provide different levels of protection and offer security trained drivers, bodyguards, and high or low-profile protection teams throughout the country. Our U.S. based operations personnel come from a wide variety of military, law enforcement, special operations, security and intelligence backgrounds, and are well equipped to handle every call.

For more details on our security services in Jamaica contact us at info@globalguardian.com or call 703-566-9463 to speak directly with a Global Guardian Security Services Specialist.


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