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2024 has the potential to be a pivotal election year with several key elections that will help determine the global landscape for years to come. To help leaders of global businesses prepare, this report highlights the potential impacts of significant elections on business operations, infrastructure, and people.

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Inside the Report, You'll Find:

  • Election details, key issues, and parties on the ballot, including historical timelines of key leaders
  • Analysis of potential election outcomes and security risks
  • Recommendations for how businesses can prepare and navigate the events safely

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Featured Elections

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The outcome of the 2024 elections could reshape Taiwan’s relationship with Beijing.

GG-Election-Guide-Email 2-13


The 2024 Indian elections will be a critical test for the world’s largest democracy.

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As South Africa grapples with major economic and security challenges, this election will be critical juncture.



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This election will be closely watched given Mexico’s trade relationships and ongoing security challenges.