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INCIDENT: Group of 30 travelers were stranded after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck in Morocco.


  • Emergency Response
  • Secure Transportation

Late on September 8, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck 50 miles outside Marrakech, Morocco, causing widespread destruction and power and water outages across the region. At the epicenter in the Atlas Mountains, the earthquake destroyed villages and communities and made multiple roads impassable from large debris, boulders, and landslides. At a nearby resort, a group of 30 travelers found themselves stranded and called Global Guardian for assistance in reaching safety.



Upon receiving the call, Global Guardian immediately began coordinating with on-the-ground agents in Morocco to mobilize the assets required to evacuate the travelers by ground.

Below is a timeline of events in local Morocco time:


September 8, 11:11 pm

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Global Guardian received intelligence from our in-country team about the on-the-ground realities and began to position assets should clients need assistance.

September 9, 1:10 am

Global Guardian received the call from the client stranded in the Atlas Mountains and triaged the situation. Our team connected with on-the-ground agents and together, they developed an evacuation plan for the group of travelers.

1:45 am

The evacuation plan was communicated to the travelers.

2:30 am

The client gave approval for the execution of the evacuation mission.

2:35 am

On-the-ground agents out of Marrakech began driving to the Atlas Mountains. Due to debris and boulders on the road, only small vehicles were able to pass, so the convoy was made up of six cars. During the trip, the agents encountered multiple check points and were able to pass due to existing relationships with local law enforcement. Global Guardian’s 24/7 Operations Center monitored all movements and provided constant updates to the client.

4:30 am

The convoy arrived at the resort destination and loaded the group and their luggage into the cars, confirming that every traveler was accounted for.

5:30 am

The travelers departed the resort to a secure location close to the local airport. Due to the dynamic nature of the environment, the group encountered multiple road closures and detours, which the drivers navigated seamlessly with knowledge of the terrain and area.

8:00 am

The group arrived at a secure location close to the airport to await the arrival of their private aircraft. Global Guardian’s on-the-ground agents remained with the group to ensure transportation was at the ready.

1:00 pm

The team transported the travelers to the airport without incident, where they boarded their aircraft to leave Morocco.


Thanks to Global Guardian’s swift response time and the positioning of its trusted on-the-ground teams, the travelers were brought to safety so they could make the journey home to the United States.

Testimonial from the Client:

Thank you, Global Guardian and Mike Coleman. You guys were awesome, professional, and on the spot—you really mobilized to get us out of there as quickly as possible, safely.


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