Global Guardian Sentry Deters Break-In Attempt at Auto Dealership

Global Guardian Sentry deterred a break-in and robbery attempt at a New York area auto dealership. At 2:21am on the morning of November 30th, Sentry received a video notification that two individuals had entered the lot. With this notification, Sentry’s Surveillance Specialists immediately began monitoring the lot in real-time and quickly identified the intruders carrying equipment commonly used to illegally enter a vehicle. By 2:22am, Sentry’s team initiated the client’s Standard Operating Procedure by engaging strobe lights located in the lot and beginning a verbal ‘talk down’ script to the suspects through perimeter speakers. The suspects were ordered to leave the lot, that police would be notified if they did not exit the premise, and that they were being recorded. The suspects heard the verbal transmission and looked towards the on-site camera, providing Sentry with clear visual evidence of each suspect’s face and a detailed physical description, before immediately fleeing the scene without causing damage to the property or vehicles on-site.

Global Guardian Sentry’s skilled surveillance professionals protect client facilities 24/7/365 and are ready at all times to deter potential intruders and coordinate law enforcement responses. Please contact Global Guardian for details regarding this security event and for more information about how Sentry can help protect your facilities and your people using event driven video monitoring.

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