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Dear Members and Friends,

2020 was a year like no other. Together, we navigated through a new normal and have adapted, and endured these extraordinary times. As COVID-19 has overwhelmed the global economy, interrupted international and domestic travel, and disrupted our work and home lives - we are grateful for your support and honored to have earned your trust.

Our team has spent their careers preparing for crisis. When the pandemic hit, we were ready to protect you – and we will remain ready. Just like years past, we continue to focus on innovation and expanding our suite of services to keep you safe and operational.

With infection rates climbing again, we have our work cut out for us. We believe that Global Guardian is well-positioned to meet the challenges of the future thanks to the hard work put in by the team this past year. As we enter 2021, we are committed to remaining leaders in every vertical in which we operate. While we understand a return to normal, particularly when it comes to business and personal travel, is still months away, know that Global Guardian is here ready to guide and support you. We are resolved in our mission of making your safety our first priority.

Standing by to support,


Dale Buckner, CEO and President

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Our clients have faced unique challenges this year that put their people and assets at greater risk around the world, putting our teams on-the-ground to the test when time is critical.

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Traveler Security

We know the immense toll that the pandemic has taken on the travel industry and understand the uncertainty of what comes next as we look to return to travel.

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Asset Security

This past year we introduced our Hybrid Guard Solution, a combination of physical and virtual monitoring providing clients a cost-effective security solution.

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Cyber Security

On average, our team protects clients from 3.8 million potential cyber security events per day, marking an overall increase of 300% from 2019.

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Customized Security

We continue to provide our clients with innovative and bespoke security solutions that respond to unique real-time needs.

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Looking Ahead

We are more inspired than ever to use what we have learned and achieved this past year to help protect our clients.

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  • We grew our global network well beyond more than 100 countries in 2020 and now have an especially strong presence in the Americas, which puts us in a favorable position across the industry.
  • Our growing on-the-ground networks continue to be an invaluable resource for our  clients, helping them navigate the uncertainties and challenges of 2020.
  • In March, we evacuated more than 300 U.S. citizens from Honduras who risked being stranded as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season had the most named storms in history, with a severe impact on Louisiana. When the state was hit by five hurricanes — all Category 3 or above — our team was on the ground offering help to those affected.
  • We expanded our technological capabilities, including the addition of drone technology.


  • Our Traveler Security Division continued to provide duty of care solutions for corporate and family travelers. 
  • Using integrated services of our local team, chartered boats and planes, we safely and quickly evacuated a family with a COVID-19-positive member stranded on an island nation to medical care in the United States.
  • As travel slowly returns, we have rolled out our Kidnap and Ransom prevention, protection, and response services and our Security Response Membership, providing comprehensive evacuation coverage in all types of crises. 
  • We are excited to be launching an E-Learning Global Guardian Academy in partnership with Greylake Training Solutions early this year. Each of our clients will receive complimentary access to two E-Learning courses — International Travel Safety and Travel Health & Wellness — to help them travel securely and confidently this year.
  • We created a Special Operations division to support our custom security solutions. Corey Johnson, former Director of Operations, will now oversee this division as the President of Special Operations.
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  • Our Asset Security Division continues to provide video surveillance and intrusion detection monitoring, often integrated with the deployment of physical agents. This hybrid model replaces the traditional deployment of costly and ineffective security guards.
  • We finished the year with 492 intrusion events, 475 police dispatches, and 245 criminal apprehensions.
  • In addition, we kept our commitment to answering an alarm event within 90 seconds or less and on average responded to 450,000-plus such events per month. See our team in action today.


  • In the last 12 months, our team saved multiple companies from ransomware extinction events.
  • In roughly one-third of new 2020 installations where we deployed our cyber defender toolkit, we identified and immediately stopped ongoing attacks within the residential network.
  • Our 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) provides real-time protection to secure corporate and residential networks, including individuals traveling or working from home. On average, our SOC protects clients from 3.8 million potential cyber security events per day, marking an overall increase of 300% from 2019.
  • We protect our clients from attacks on smart home automation systems such as Nest and Ring; credential stuffing; and phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.
  • In 2021, we will begin offering cyber security training through our new E-Learning platform – Global Guardian Academy.
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  • We continue to look for innovative products and services to add to our offerings. This year, we have added Drone Technology to our suite of customized services.
  • We achieved the distinction of becoming FirstNet certified — giving our clients an additional layer of protection.
  • We adapted and reacted when borders shut down, and helped over 300 US Citizens return home.
  • Our Intelligence Team continues to provide comprehensive reports for clients. In addition, they release regular complimentary COVID-19 updates, which have been in place since the start of the pandemic.
  • This past year, we provided clients with customized physical security assessments and threat management plans for companies and locations in the United States and abroad.
  • In 2021, we look forward to further rolling out additional custom services, including our E-Learning Solutions and K-9 Solutions.


2020 challenged us in many ways, and put Global Guardian’s team and tenacity to the test. Our team has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and has persevered through the challenges of this year with professionalism, fortitude, and grace. Throughout the past 12 months, Global Guardian has remained responsive, resourceful, and innovative while adapting to unique situations across the world. We will continue to do so in the year ahead.

As we look to 2021, we are optimistic about the opportunities before us. Our accomplishments over the past year have put us in a strong position to continue to be a leader in our field. We are more inspired than ever to use what we have learned and achieved to help protect our clients. Our competitive advantage lies in our reaction and responsiveness, our exceptional team of experts, and our dedication to duty of care. Above all else, it is you that motivates us to do our best each and every day.

Together, all things are possible and we look forward to the year ahead.


In today’s world, protecting your organization and employees is critical. By combining a professional “boots on the ground” guard presence with 24/7 digital monitoring capabilities, our team can quickly react to potential intruders and identify suspects.


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