Customized intelligence reporting provides relevant real-time information to travelers


Timely and accurate intelligence about the conditions that personnel will face when travelling overseas is a vital part of a sound security management program. The more specific such intelligence is to the specific geographical area, people, events and assets involved, the more useful it is as a basis for anticipating and avoiding potential threats. Global Guardian supports its clients with a unique and innovative travel and business intelligence capability. Anchored by its team of experienced analysts, open source internet and social media data mining capability, and local in-country researchers, Global Guardian can produce highly customized, current, and client-specific intelligence reports and provide ongoing real-time intelligence monitoring.


Global Guardian’s data mining system provides highly customizable filtering of open source information, allowing for the extraction of relevant and actionable intelligence from the huge amounts of available data. The system constantly collects, monitors, and analyzes data using advanced statistical, linguistic, and crowd sourcing techniques. Results, including both content analysis and information regarding the geo-location of sources, are generated in real-time and reported to clients in a variety of formats.


Global Guardian recognizes that different members of a client organization consume intelligence in different ways and therefore have different requirements. An individual executive traveler typically needs a concise, easy to use document that supports his or her specific itinerary, and ongoing alerts about changes to the environments being visited. A client security manager or senior executive evaluating the risk profile of a country, on the other hand, requires much more granularity and a different approach to information collection and distribution. By segmenting the consumers of our intelligence products, Global Guardian can provide each the information they need while avoiding the practice of overwhelming users with excessive information.

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