Global Guardian offers best-in-class travel medical support and evacuation services. Medical problems are an ever-present danger for overseas travelers. In some cases, hospitalization or medical evacuation is required. Global Guardian offers programs designed to support a wide range of traveler-centric medical and air medical transportation needs.


Global Guardian provides tailored solutions for any emergency medical situation. We offer 24-hour remote access to medical advice and evaluation by U.S.-based, board certified emergency attending physicians for clients who experience illness or injury while traveling. Enrolled clients can contact Global Guardian’s 24-hour Operations Center anytime and will immediately be connected to an on-duty physician. There are no customer service representatives commonly associated with health insurance hotlines, and no EMTs or nurses to screen patient calls. Our physicians consult, evaluate, diagnose, and provide treatment guidance to travelers experiencing all manner of medical incidents.


Global Guardian’s Air Ambulance membership programs support no-cost air medical transportation for enrolled members. Our Air Medical Transport team directly coordinates and manages all aspects of member medical evacuation and repatriation when necessary.

Unlike insurance, these programs provide no-cost air medical transportation services to members and have no deductibles or claims forms. Air Ambulance membership programs are not limited by complex language, broad restrictions, carve outs or lengthily terms of use included in standard travel insurance policies. There is no pre-existing condition exclusion, no medical necessity requirement, and members choose their U.S. or Canadian destination hospital.

Global Guardian Air Ambulance has the resources to bring sick or injured members home from the farthest corners of the earth. With more than 50 partner aircraft stationed in 15 base locations around the world, Global Guardian Air Ambulance’s 24-hour Aviation Operations Team coordinates all aspects of member medical transport, and delivers peace of mind to traveling members experiencing medical emergencies. Global Guardian Air Ambulance has flown injured and sick members home from all over the world, having safety-conducted hundreds of international and domestic medical transports.

For non-enrolled clients, Global Guardian’s Air Medical Transportation Team can also coordinate and manage medical transport services on demand. Contact Global Guardian’s 24-hour Operations Center at anytime to discuss options and obtain a quote for service.

Air Ambulance is a membership program that provides no-cost aeromedical evacuation to the US or Canadian hospital of member choosing



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