Network and travel centric solutions to protect digital infrastructure and information


Global Guardian’s cyber team provides both traditional protective cyber security solutions and reactive emergency response capabilities to address known or suspected security breaches.


Global Guardian provides penetration testing and has the skills, knowledge, and industry experience to test our customer’s information security end-to-end. Our cyber security team provides assessment services for external and internal network security testing, web and mobile applications, and wireless networks. All penetration testing follows the OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) methodology and can be supported by physical security and social engineering tests.


Operational Security is a vital component of IT security. Without it, technology implementations and security measures will not succeed in protecting information. Global Guardian can help your organization implement proper operational security procedures and acquire the knowledge and tools to proactively maintain and protect your network.


Many of the major information security breaches that have occurred the past few years were due to exploitation of known vulnerabilities for which there are proven mitigations. Global Guardian can work with your organization to manage these vulnerabilities and help avoid problems before they arise.

Global Guardian also provides IT purchasing management system consultation, a process that routinely leads to long-term costs savings by limiting unnecessary equipment replacement and software upgrades.


Global Guardian assists clients in the hardening of their employees’ phones, tablets, and laptop computers for international travel. Doing so protects against unwanted intrusion and data compromise if devices are lost or stolen, and helps clients protect their proprietary and personal information.

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