Global Tracking & International Protection Services


Worldwide real-time GPS tracking and monitoring using state of the art technologies and supported by dedicated in-country security response teams.


Global Guardian provides state-of-the-art global tracking and emergency response services. Using a suite of special purpose satellite and cellular-enabled beacons and smartphone applications, we track and monitor travelers all over the world from our dedicated 24-hour Operations Center near Washington, D.C. Our local, on the ground security teams in over 80 countries are ready to respond immediately to client emergencies.


Monitoring equipment configuration is tailored to each client’s requirements. Cellular based devices and smartphone applications are recommended for urban areas with reliable cellular coverage. Satellite-based and dual-band systems are used by clients traveling in remote regions without advanced cellular networks.


All of our tracking platforms allow us to precisely locate clients at all times. Clients can activate a “panic” button on their device to initiate Global Guardian’s response capability, immediately notifying our Operations Center which can dispatch a local security team to the user’s location.


Supporting Global Guardian’s world-wide tracking and monitoring service is a network of highly qualified, experienced, and carefully vetted on-the-ground security providers. When Global Guardian clients travel to a particular country, a team of local security personnel is alerted and prepared to respond at the push of a button. Working under Global Guardian’s direction, local teams possess a wide range of emergency response capabilities, including emergency extraction from hostile environments, assistance with lost or stolen personal property and travel documents, transportation to local medical treatment, and interaction with local law enforcement and military authorities.

All local partners are vetted by Global Guardian to assure their integrity, operational capabilities, and compliance with regional laws and regulations. Our due diligence process for selecting partners is the most extensive in the industry. Once selected, our partners are tested regularly to ensure that the requisite skills are maintained. All providers are fully licensed and insured, and are subject to ongoing checks for Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance.

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