COVID-19 Update: U.S. Sees Record Daily Death Toll

    States begin lifting restrictions:

    • Georgia governor Brian Kemp indicated that some businesses - including gyms, barbers and nail salons - can reopen starting from 24 April. On 27 April, restaurants and theaters will be allowed to reopen. The governor also confirmed that the stay-at-home order in place in Georgia will expire on 30 April as originally planned.
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    COVID-19 Update: Anti-Lockdown Protests Occur Across U.S.

    Approximately one month after much of the U.S. went into stay-at-home mode, thousands of protesters gathered in Washington, Michigan, and Colorado to voice their disdain for the restrictions.

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    COVID-19 Update: Guidelines Released Amid Record Unemployment

    In the past four weeks, more than 22 million people filed for new unemployment claims in the U.S., after 5.2 million were added to the tally this last week.

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    At approximately 4:26 AM on 8 April 2020, a Black Chevy pickup truck entered the lot at a local car dealership.  The Global Guardian Security Operations professional immediately began tracking the vehicle.  

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    COVID-19 Update: IMF Predicts Global Recession

    As global cases passed two million, the U.S. reported a plunge in retail sales in the month of March.

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    COVID-19 Update: U.S. Cases Continue to Rise to Over 400,000

    Total confirmed cases in the U.S. have exceeded 400,000 after more than 33,000 new cases were recorded in the last 24hrs.

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    COVID-19 Update: U.S. Deaths Approach 10,000

    Global confirmed cases are nearing 1.3 million while deaths in the U.S. approach 10,000.

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    Client Evacuated from Latin America during COVID-19 Crisis

    Global Guardian’s Air Ambulance team utilized their Emergency Medical Evacuation services to quickly and safely evacuate a client traveling in Latin America.

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    COVID-19 Update: Worldwide Cases Pass 1,000,000 Mark

    Global cases surpassed one million on 02 April after the U.S. recorded nearly 30,000 new cases. The U.S. now has nearly 250,000 confirmed cases amid community spread in at least 46 states. New York remains the hardest hit state in the country. Cases in the U.S. are doubling every three to four days and there are approximately 1,000 deaths per day. Models predict this number will peak at 2,600 deaths per day on 16 April before starting to slowly decline.

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    COVID-19 Update: U.S. Cases Approach 200,000

    President Trump warned the American public that the next two weeks could be "very painful" as cases continue to grow across the country.

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