Our Service Offering

Global Guardian offers a comprehensive protection plan for our clients with a focus on security, reliability, and responsiveness. We provide a unique, best-in-class solution provided by experienced, professional, active and ex-military personnel. Our offering includes:

Security for Personnel Traveling to High Risk Markets

  • Executives, High-Net Worth, Families
  • Emergency Extraction, Risk mitigation, Car & Driver, PSD, Security Surveys, Training

Satellite GPS, Cellular, Satellite Phone Tracking & Monitoring, 911 Call Center

  • Emergency Button, Data & Voice Capable Tracking Beacons, Assets & Personnell, U.S. Based
  • Only Activated when required - Accident, Assault, Medical Emergency, Unstable Environment

Security Personnel

  • Former Special Operations, Police, Security Professionals
  • Regionally Oriented - Local Knowledge, Language Skills, Customs, Law Enforcement and Political Connections


  • Open Source, In Country Analysis, Real-Time Alerts
  • Due Dilligence

Medical Services

  • Pre-deployment medical intelligence and Personalized Medical Deployment Kits
  • Medical Evacuation