Emergency Evacuation Planning - Caracas, Venezuela

Global Guardian assisted a client company in rapidly developing emergency evacuation plans to support its Caracas-based staff.

A global financial services leader requested Global Guardian’s assistance in developing a series of emergency evacuation plans to support its staff in Caracas. The client was increasingly concerned about the stability of the region, and wanted to understand its options for how it could recover its people if normal commercial aviation was disrupted.

Global Guardian’s US and in-country staff identified and evaluated a range of possible options including overland movements within and out of Venezuela, multiple commercial and custom charter aviation scenarios, and two maritime evacuation options. All plans were then validated to include route reconnaissance of overland movements and emergency landing zone fly-over by helicopter. Global Guardian ultimately provided the client with a comprehensive deliverable detailing all identified options, the pros and cons associated with each, and recommendations about how best to think about moving its people in the event of a number of different potential scenarios.

This planning process allowed the client to fully understand its options, and develop a tiered set of protocols to use if needed in support of its employees.

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