Emergency Tracking & Response

A Global Guardian corporate client lost his way while on an exploration assignment in a remote rural area outside of Bogota, Colombia. Initially unaware that he was lost, the client wandered further from his intended route. When he failed to check in on schedule and was not responsive to calls from his superiors in the US, the client security manager called Global Guardian. Our operations team used historical data from the client’s tracking beacon, which was later determined to have been lost by the client, to determine his last known location. A Global Guardian security team responding from Bogota traveled to this location, began a search, and ultimately found the client unhurt in a small local village. He was escorted back to his hotel in Bogota and subsequently continued uninterrupted on his itinerary.

Please contact Global Guardian to learn more about our Global Tracking service and how it can be used to secure your employees while they travel and do business across the globe.

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